Need an AI content detector? Unfluff can help.

Quality content that keeps your readership engaged needs to do more than just reach a certain word count.

Unfluff can detect AI-written content, helps keep content on-point and easily readable, while keeping your content creation team accountable.

And, it's 100% free.

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The Problem: AI Content / Fluff

No one wants their web pages overloaded with useless information, especially when trying to have said pages rank on Google.

Fluff, or “filler content”, is not only terrible for your readership, but it can be your downfall when it comes to search rankings.

Content writers will often just try to increase the word count of a piece without saying much, and may even engage in using AI writing tools, which often tend to be full of fluff content that provides ZERO value to your readers.

Google is smart enough to classify websites with useless content as less valuable, as is waging all-out war against AI content tools like ChatGPT.

Additionally, AI content can hurt readability and bounce rates, which will further damage search engine rankings.

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Our solution: Unfluff

We own and run a 200-people content agency, and while our editors try their best to correct it, the fluff problem was something we had to eventually deal better with.

No other such tool like this exists that we are aware of, and definitely not a free one.

We decided to create the online tool and WordPress plugin and release them free for everyone to use.

Unfluff took three months and the full editorial workforce of our SEO content agency to develop.

We first attempted to use AI, but won’t lie and say we stuck with the AI solution we built, as the results weren’t satisfactory enough.

So with a combination of dozens of NLP hacks and A LOT of hours of testing, the current version was made, albeit still in beta phase and far from being a perfect fluff detector.

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How Unfluff works:

1. Get a license key, entirely free of charge

Sign up for a free license key, which you can use to access the tool online or with the WordPress plugin.

2. Test on a piece of AI content to get familiar

Here is a piece written by an unnamed AI tool. Copy and paste it inside Unfluff to see which sentences are highlighted.

3. Start working on your own content

Start going through the highlighted sentences from your content and see what you could do better.

Unfluff - Free WP plugin that detects fluff & AI-written content | Product Hunt

How to Use Unfluff

Please note: Unfluff is still a work in progress, and there will be false positives. The overall content score should still be pretty accurate, but use your best judgement when editing with our tool.